What I Call Powers Ballads Slow Rock — Scorpions, Nirvana , Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith

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The History of Hip-Hop Rap Artist Rick Ross From Independent to on a Major Record Label

Rick Ross has become one of the biggest names in the music industry but mainly for the Hip-Hop genre. It wasn’t always like this for Rick Ross. Thanks to his tenacity and perseverance he was able to go through feuds, lawsuits, and personal attacks.

Getting Your First Paid Gig – Easier Than You Thought

Getting your first paid gig is a bands biggest challenge. It seems so difficult when in reality, it’s takes no more than a little patience, effort, and thought. It’s almost as difficult as getting your first free show.

The Basics Of What A Mixing Board Is & What It Does

This article is intended to bring some understanding of what audio mixing boards are and what they do. In very basic terms, a mixing board is an electronic device that has a number of input channels that receive input from different sources.

How I Promote My Music

The rules and strategies that I use can help even the worst marketer of music get the word out about that new sound. The first thing that I think about as an artist is branding. I know branding sounds a lot like a full throttle business tactic. I believe you have to recognize yourself as a brand if you’re going to survive in this business.

Is CD Manufacturing Still Relevant For Musicians?

The revolution of digital technology has provided many more options for independent musicians to release and distribute their music. This begs the question of whether CD manufacturing is still relevant for today’s musician who is more tech savvy and cost-conscious than ever.

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