U2, Scorpions, Nirvana , GNR , Bon Jovi, Aerosmith ? Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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Do Musicians Need Training?

The producers of the 60-80’s would have loved to be in today’s technologically advanced society where music is so synthesised and having ability is not as important as looking the part. I believe Milli Vanilli brought in the era of ‘All you need to do is look the part’. Despite winning awards they were caught lip synching to a backing track and later became infamous for their deception.

How To Create The Ultimate CD Cover

Packaging has always been a major determinant of sales. Whether it is for a box of cereal, a chocolate bar or music on a CD, packaging makes the difference. According to new figures we can safely conclude that CD Albums are still selling and it will take years for downloads to catch up.

Create Your Tribe – Alchemy Crash Course

Thinking big, inspired by our dreams, and our self-discovery adventures will lead us to identify our true selves as a human being, and who we are as an artist, or more specifically, as a one musician band. We then will be able to distill a message or idea from our dreams, and through the catalyst of thinking big we can turn it into a cause. As a true rebel for our cause, we will be able to start upsetting people in our offline as well as our online social circles by touching their…

Digital Music – Access Or Ownership and Its Effects On The Indie Label

Can access replace ownership? This is one of the hot debates for the future of the music business discussed by labels, artists, platform owners, ISP and all other new and old players within the industry. The proponents of the Access theory suggest that if I want any song and I can have access to it I do not need to own it, and I would prefer to pay for this service instead of owning the music. Incidentally access is seen as a cheaper option to ownership.

One Of The Keys to Music Business Success: Discipline

One of the challenges of becoming a star musician/artist is what to do whilst waiting and going through the music business process. This is actually a good thing to know because if a person is not well prepared they will be unable to capitalize on the opportunities.

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