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Do You Need A Music Business Agent? Does The Agent Want You?

To paraphrase Derek Sivers, the owner of CD Baby, “a booking agent does not want to take you on unless you are making at least $5,000 to $10,000 a month; they are only being paid ten percent of your income so they must be making enough to make it worth their time and trouble.” It is not wrong to dream of the knight and shining prince that will come and make everything alright. Neither should we give up the dream of sharing the stage with the superstars we have always admired. However, one must take realistic steps when locating an agent.

How a Content Provider Can Be Beneficial to Small and Mid Market Radio!

In a changing world, companies need to adapt to modern trends and for small to mid market radio stations radio content providers are a great solution! This article explains the terms and benefits of choosing the right content provider.

Four Profitable Ways To Promote Your Music Online

There are now millions of songs on offer across thousands of websites. This means that for one song to stand out there must be an adequate level of promotion in order to ensure that it will not buried it under the “Song Mountain”.

7 Common Mistakes Indie Labels Make

Only a little while ago home recording was a very expensive business beyond the reach of most musicians, but today, the affordable technology available all around provides us all the opportunity of making release-quality records in a project studio. Many people who have self-produced a record ask themselves why they shouldn’t release the record on their own, instead of trying to get another party interested.

Music Is Not Enough

You simply need to compare the number of artists that are “releasing music” to the public with those who are successful over a long period. It is interesting to note how many do not know the difference between gross or net profit, royalty or advances! It is therefore not surprising the number of labels that fail quickly. Knowledge of music only; will not be the determinant factor!

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