Tragic Dream – Livin (Melodic Hard Rock) *Rare*

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How To Make It In Music With The Training Of A Mentor

The key to starting a career in music and becoming successful is finding a great mentor who has already reached the highest level of success in the music industry. Read this article to learn how to find one for yourself.

How To Be a Music Producer

A article on how to be a music producer with no knowledge or experience. Hear in your head a different vision for the songs you hear on the radio? Have you ever dreamed of making beats for your favorite rapper/singer/etc? Read on to see how to become a music producer.

Heavy Metal Band Names and Titles

Naming a heavy metal band can be a tricky thing. While there does not seem to be a standard, and to say all band names fit a specific formula is unfair, there are several trends and currents that heavy metal bands seem to follow when naming their project. Below we’ll discuss just a few of those and pontificate on why they came to be.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Pick A Software Than A Hardware

When you want to make your own music, you have the freedom to choose whether to use a software, a hardware or both. Whatever you choose, It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the tools used in music making. In this article you will find 8 reasons why to pick software.

The Advantages of Online Music Mastering

People believe that they are musically sound but the truth is that you can never do justice to your work until it is professionally mastered. The fate of your music can be decided by an online mastering studio because it decides whether people will like your music or not.

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