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Adele’s New Music Continues to Break Our Hearts and We Still Love Her

Adele has done great music through the years. When Adele’s new music was released in 2015, it became an instant hit, leading to record-breaking Grammy awards.

Paul McCartney and Wings: Red Rose Speedway (1973)

This one’s strong, if uneven. Wings’ sophomore record has many moments of brilliance, with an fair array of bafflingly poor moments, with very little middle ground to cover in the middle. When ‘Speedway’ works, it works beautifully and when it doesn’t, it really doesn’t. But there’s enough melody here for the converted to pay for and some moments of substance for the unconverted to listen to.

Paul McCartney and Wings: Wild Life (1971)

Paul McCartney’s early seventies material maintained a higher standard than his fellow ex-Beatles, ranging from the bona fide masterworks (Ram, Band On The Run) to flawed pop brilliance (McCartney, Red Rose Speedway). The only blot between these four records came in the form of ‘Wild Life, an unfinished work that may have bettered the world had the McCartney’s chosen not to release it.

Paul McCartney and Wings: Wings At the Speed of Sound (1976)

Wings’ fifth album saw Paul McCartney write half the record and the other members perform the other half. It might have been better had he written the entire thing!

Paul McCartney and Wings: Venus and Mars (1975)

Wings released their fourth album ‘Venus and Mars’ in 1975. A fine collection of seventies rock songs, it brought Wings forward as one of the seventies greats.

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