The Eagle, Gun N’ Roses, Nirvana, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith – Greatest Slow Rock Ballads 80s90s

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T-Shirts – The Key to Your Bands’ Success

In days gone by, selling band merchandise was frequently regarded as one of the sleazier means by which a musician might support themselves, but – for good or ill – the music world has changed dramatically. Free downloading and copying of music (legal or not), increased competition due to cheaper production technologies, dwindling royalties from sales, and increased image consciousness and an emphasis on social networking have firmly established band merchandising as a solid and often important income generator for today’s artists.

Basic Acoustic Guitar Maintenance – How Humidity Can Ruin Your Guitar

Humidity can ruin your brand new or used full wood acoustic guitar especially if you live in a climate of extreme temperatures where the humidity fluctuates dramatically. There are some ways that you can combat the wear and tear on your acoustic guitar caused by low or high humidity. This article discusses the symptoms of humidity and how you can address those symptoms to protect your acoustic guitar.

Using Fake Tattoos for Concerts and Musicals

You can’t just buy temporary tattoos of roses and animals and use them as giveaways to adults at an event for a specific cause. Kids might not mind, but for adults, they’ll wonder why you’re giving out something like that. They look out of place at the event. Some event organizers fall into this trap because they didn’t know that an experienced temporary tattoo manufacturer can help them make a design that will fit their event.

The Current State Of The Music Industry And Exciting New Trends

Many of today’s (big name) artists are unreachable icons placed on pedestals, stashed away in their ivory towers. Their lives are splashed all over the headlines daily amidst a cacophony of trite & irrelevant gossipy stories purporting to tell us who they are &what they’re about.

Free Press Kit Guide

Elements of a press kit. Information needed to create a professional press kit to send out.

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