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A Guide to Publishing Your Own Music

While it’s certainly true that never before in history has it been so easy to record and publish your own music and at such a cheap price, it’s still really hard to make it in the music industry. Why? With all this instant worldwide exposure so readily available why does it still feel impossible to become successful? In this article we’ll look at the reasons why and I’ll tell you how to separate what’s really important from what you can just forget.

How the Music Industry Has Changed

The internet changed the music industry forever, it shook things up and changed the stagnant status quo which left so many unsigned musicians heartbroken and depressed knocking on the doors of record companies. In fact, the advent of MP3 music downloads, whether from iTunes or illegally from sharing sites, left the big record companies spinning in confusion and panic as they watched their sales from traditional CDs drop off the planet.

Discover How to Become a Successful Music Producer From Home With Beat Making Software

We all know that having good beats is essential to your music. Good beats are what keep the audience interest. If you are not aware that there are terrific and affordable beat making software out there that can help you to make your own music beats fairly easily, then please get one as it is what going to take you to the next level.

Record Label Ownership

Since roughly 2000, the creative destruction of technological advance has done a serious number on the record label industry. This has dropped the barrier to entry in being a record label to something that nearly any band with computer savvy can get into. Being your own record label will be the legal entity that owns the rights to distribute music.

Record Label Choices

In the U.S. alone there are hundreds of Record Label Companies. Independent Record Labels make up the majority of these…some great…some not so great. Then there are the Major Record Labels who make up the other percentage. (Sony, RCA, Universal, Etc.) Any business minded individual can open up an Independent Record Label. A business license, tax I.D. number, a computer and some various contracts and your under way…an owner of your very own Record Label company.

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