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The Pros and Cons of Being a Music Recording Artist Versus a Music Producer

Is it better to be a recording artist or a music producer? While a successful recording artist can generate plenty of fame and money, a music producer can make an astonishing amount of money and never even be seen or heard of.

The Most Influential People in Music History

Here is a list of arguably the 5 most influential people in music history. It’s a list which could be debated for months which makes it even more interesting, but what is incontrovertible is the profound impact these people have had on not only the music industry but on our culture as well.

Home Recording Equipment for Your Starter Studio

If you do a search for “home recording equipment” right now, you’re almost certain to find numerous articles telling you that you need to purchase a great big microphone, some pretty expensive software, mic stands, and probably sound-proofing (or enhancing) materials for the room. Without having any more knowledge than you started with, and having spent hundreds (more likely thousands) of dollars, yes, you’ll have what you need to start a home recording studio. But wouldn’t you rather spend, oh I don’t know, closer to $30 (max) for your home recording equipment?

Getting Ready for Recording Studio Sessions

Getting into the recording studio to create your band’s album is the first step toward a bigger career in music. How can you make the expensive time you purchased in a recording studio worthwhile and productive? Read on for a few simple dos and don’ts to get your recording session off to a great start.

Learning Lead Guitar Online

Most people who plays guitar at the beginning or intermediate level are tempted to playing those fast and catchy lead guitar riffs rather then staring with the basic foundation that they should be having. To be able to lead the band, one must be able to back up the band. When you feel that you have mastered good basics and is ready to play those fast and catchy lead or solos, there are some tips that you can follow to make your learning curve much more easier.

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