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7 Entrepreneur Ideas for Audio Engineers and Musicians

In a struggling economy you face some new challenges to be able to make ends meet. Let’s take a stroll down the street of entrepreneur ideas and see if we can’t find something you like.

How to Improve Your Online DJ Image

Relevant guide for the DJ who wants to improve his online presence. Guide on Social Network usage and other aspects of improving your online DJ image.

Covers: Marketing and Tribute

We all have to start someplace. Often that means building on, and paying homage to, the work of those who came before us.

Artist Talent Booking Agents – How to Get Signed!

Getting a talent booking agent can be frustrating at best. Knowing the playing rules can set you well ahead of the game. Let a former talent booking agent, who has worked with numerous acts and genres, give you the run down and show you what it takes to make it!

Seagull Guitars: High Quality and Affordable Guitars!

Seagull Guitars are perhaps one of the best kept secrets when it comes to high quality, affordable acoustic guitars. And, for the acoustic guitarist with an ear for quality and an eye for beauty, Seagull guitars are definitely instruments worth looking into.

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