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CDs, MP3s and the Vinyl Resurgence

In this article we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of CDs and digital downloads. We will also examine why there has been such a big resurgence in recent years of the age old vinyl format.

What’s the Deal? Insights Into Standard Music Agreements

The music industry is a business based on contractual agreements. Being an astute contract reader and negotiator can propel your success in the industry and fatten your pockets! Check out these common agreements types used to sharpen your music business.

How To Sell Rock Songs

If you’ve written a rock song and want to sell it or earn income from the copyright, here’s how to sell rock songs! The income stream includes…

Perfecting Your Music Career in the Face of Adversity

Creating music for the world to hear and enjoy can be a very liberating experience for a recording artist. In many instances, recording artists currently on the independent route may run into situations where there is a lack of support. It can be very challenging from a financial perspective as well as emotionally.

Online Music Marketing Strategies: How Helping Others Can Help You

Online music marketing strategies come few and far in between. Within this article, we will explore a method that will help individuals reach more with their music while helping others in the process.

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