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Adler: The Piano and Organ Manufacturer of Louisville, Kentucky

The company started in 1903 by Cyrus Adler and R.S. Hill in Louisville, Kentucky strictly as an Organ Manufacturer. As was common with many large manufacturers, the partnerships often consisted of an investor and an expert craftsman. Adler was a successful owner of a large lumber company. R.S. Hill was from the Mason & Hamlin factory. Hill would be the Superintendent who designed the instruments and managed their construction and quality.

Blasius and Sons: The High Quality Piano Favored by Thomas Edison

Charles Blasius was a native of Cologne Germany, and he came to America when he was 25 years old. After working for a number of other piano makers, he established his company in 1855 under the name of Blasius Brothers in Philadelphia on 1006 Chestnut Street. This was a Piano Alley, if you will, with Chickering and Sons, Decker Brothers, and Steinway warerooms on the same street.

If It Doesn’t Have 12,116 Genuine Steinway Parts, It Isn’t a Steinway, Really?

Steinway as a business realized that the restoration part of the piano business is big business, and they wanted a part of it. It turns out that the biggest competitor of Steinway is the restoration of used Steinways. So let’s put this ‘genuine parts’ thing under the microscope so that you, the Steinway piano owner, can make a better decision when it comes to the restoration of your heirloom piano.

Strich & Zeidler: Two Steinway Employees Who Started Their Own Business

There is a remarkable similarity in design between the A.B. Chase piano and the Steinway Piano. This is especially noticeable in the Steinway A and D models. The similarity suggests a single designer.

J. Bauer Piano Company: The Story of William Bauer, The Most Creative Piano Designer

We’ll start with his father. Julius Bauer was born in Berlin on July 20, 1831. At an early age showed natural talent for constructing musical instruments and by the time he was 18, had accumulated many years of experience working on pianos and violins.

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