songs on the road Indie/Pop/Folk/Rock of 2020 | Vol 10 песни в дорогу инди / поп 2020 года | Vol. 10

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How to Use Reference Tracks and Why

In this article I will be explaining what reference tracks are, which ones to pick and how to use them. I always use reference tracks and I hope this article shows you the importance of them and why you should always use them.

5 Ways To Get A Bigger Guitar Sound In Your Mix

This article will be showing you some good tips on getting a bigger guitar sound in your mix. With these 5 tips, I hope on letting you get a larger than life guitar sound. I also hope to enlighten you on how constantly layering more and more guitar tracks can in fact make your guitar sound weak and thin, and having a careful approach and the right knowledge of dialing in your guitar tones and knowing that less can be more can allow you to achieve a great big guitar sound in your mix.

3 Ways To Get More Headroom In A Mix

In this article I will be showing 3 effective ways to free up some more headroom in your mixes. I will be explaining how you can high pass, low pass, clean up the muddy area of the frequency spectrum and simply turn down your faders in order to get more headroom in a mix.

Why And How To Mix In Mono

This article will be explaining the importance of mixing a song in mono before rendering your song into a final stereo waveform. I will also be going over how to mix in mono.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Process the Master Fader And Why You Should Mix With Your Ears

As a mixer, your final result isn’t a group of multi tracks, it’s a song. Your final product is just a stereo waveform. With that in mind, you should know that it’s okay to process the mix bus.

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