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Top 10 Ray Charles Hits

Blind since the age of seven, Ray Charles managed to do what no other R&B artist was able to do; cross over to Country. Read his amazing story and his battle with drugs, along with a look at his ten biggest hits.

How to Get the Perfect Mix!

Have you always been wondering why your mix doesn’t sound as good as a professional record? Have you ever gone crazy thinking how on earth the professionals do that? Yes, you can attain the same quality without paying millions. This article will help!

Learn to Sing: The Business Side of the Music Business Are You Ready?

Summary: When you’re thinking about building a career as a recording artist, you’re really talking about turning yourself into a multi-layered, multi-faceted business empire. It only takes one person to sing, but it takes a team to build a career. How do you know when and how to start building this team of yours? You might be surprised to learn that it all starts with YOU.

8 Tips to Find the Best Recording Studio for You

Selecting a recording studio will be determining for your musical career. Good quality records will take your music to the next level, increasing professional appeal and showing that you are serious about it.

Will iTunes Radio Be Able to Compete in the Music Streaming Industry?

Apple faces a lot of competition in the music streaming field but I think that iTunes Radio will be a success story. Apple iTunes Radio is going to be a mix of the best qualities of all the current music streaming stations.The only two Apple products that I own are an iPhone 4S and an iPod Classic, so I’m not one of these diehard Apple guys. I just think that they know what they’re doing when it comes to the digital music industry.

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