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Back to Basics – Recording 101

As the recording schedule starts to heat up each year, I’m often asked, “What can we do to make a CD that’s on the level of (insert “top tier” group here)?”. The answers seem complicated but are often much simpler than you might think.

A Musicians Talent Agency – The Truth About Booking Agents

Booking agents are the people who take care of the logistics behind setting up a musical event. Musicians usually focus their attention on performing and the agents will do their best to accommodate them, in exchange of a small percentage of the final bill. You dont have to be a famous musician to need a talent agent.

Guerrilla Music Marketing

I know the title of this article looks a touch bizarre but stick with me and I am going to explain all. In this post you may learn the no 1 way that you can raise your fan base and build a successful music career…starting at this time.

Mixing Songs in Bollywood

Remixing songs in Bollywood has become big business. Old songs are remixed with more beats and rhythm making the song more exciting; with proper video it’s a winning combination.

How to Start a Profitable Music Business

One of the greatest issues anyone starting a music business needs to consider is the process of managing, planning, recording, promoting and distributing products. But above all these, one of the most important aspects of the business should focus on how to make money. What is surprising to me as a music business consultant is the wide spectrum of thinking that tends to permeate this industry.

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