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Music Industry – Recording Studios

It is a dream of many to work in a major recording studio, and they go to a music school taking on ridiculous amounts of loans to accomplish that goal. I think it is very sad when most of the graduates come out and cannot find any place that will take them. There are way too many students in these schools as compared to the openings of even existing companies throughout the music industry.

Keeping Sane in the Game – Don’t Loose Your Mind in the Music Business!

Why can’t I get a record deal? Why is no one buying my music? Why can’t I get and bookings?

Singing Tenor – Tips To Help You Develop Your Tenor Voice

Although most males are naturally tenors, there is more to actually singing tenor than opening your mouth and singing a few bars of your favorite song. Learning how to properly sing tenor parts takes time, training, and dedication.

Will Good Mixing Skills Help You Become a Top DJ?

This is a question I get asked almost every day by new DJs starting out in this business. A lot of people try and mix two tracks together and have a hard time doing it. Its not easy, learning how to beatmatch can be something that will take months or even years for some people to develop. It will take a lot of practise to be able to mix and beatmatch to a high and consistent level.

Milestones of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The year 2010 marks one century since the Mormon Tabernacle Choir made their first acoustic recording. I have personally sat in the tabernacle in Salt Lake City, and listened to the Choir as they were rehearsing for a broadcast. The acoustics in the tabernacle are truly amazing, and I love to see and hear the large organ and the pipes that are mounted on the wall behind the choir. It is overwhelming when so many men and women join together in singing inspired hymns and classical music.

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