Slow Rock Remix- Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin- Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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How To Find Record Label Addresses?

The best solution is a music contacts database. For a fee, these services provide access to contact information for record labels, including phone numbers, email addresses, and record label addresses. Much of the information provided in these databases is unavailable elsewhere on the web, and can provide an “in” for someone wanting to get noticed by record labels that like to keep their submissions limited. To get access to a database, search the internet to find a service that meets your needs, providing lots of contacts and sometimes assistance in shopping your demo.

How To Become a Hip Hop Producer?

You think you’ve got the ear, the beats, and the musical prowess to make it in the hip hop business. So how do you become a hip hop music producer? It will involve a great deal of time, dedication, and research, but if you love the game, it can be well worth it. Passion for rap and hip hop is essential to making it as a producer. You need to eat, sleep and breathe hip hop music, knowing the hits and the history by heart, until you have the musical confidence to start making it on your own. You should have a healthy grasp for both the current trends in the music and more complex music theory.

How to Contact Major Record Labels?

Though getting a contact in the music industry is a lucky break, it may not be as unlikely as you think it is. Do a bit of digging, and you may find that you know a producer or an agent through a mutual friend. Even if this is not the case, continue to promote your band through the web and touring-you never know who will be watching. If you do manage to make a contact, be sure to nurture the relationship; a record industry contact can find information for you that will help turn an unsolicited demo into a solicited one!

5 Things To Remember – Promoting Your Music Through YouTube

Making a living as a recording artist can be a tough way to earn a buck. The dream of playing for millions of fans will always be just that if you do not take proactive steps in finding and keeping an audience. Today YouTube is one of the best places to turn to build a quick following. But before you take to the popular video sharing service, keep in mind that the same rules of marketing still apply.

Promoting Your Music By Booking Local Shows

Do not let the hardships of making your music dreams into a reality prevent you from realizing the tangible possibilities. Playing for millions is a tough thing to accomplish, but it never hurts to realize your limitations and embrace the reality that every big star began playing to only a few. While web hotspots such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, MySpace, and iTunes, have made it easier to build an audience online, you still won’t ever have much of one if you forsake traditional venues.

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