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4 Top Tips to Help You Become a Professional Singer

You’ve done your local pub! You’ve done the nearby social club! You may have even done the nearest small music venue. But now you want to break into the music industry for real? Then read my tips. I know exactly what it is like trying to get into the music industry and become a professional singer.

Kid Rock – Too White for NAACP

NAACP members protest honor to be bestowed on rocker Kid Rock. Is this reverse discrimination? Is Kid Rock too white to be honored?

Result-Based Career Decisions

Result-based career decisions help you make better investments in your performing career. So often we make decisions just because we see others engaging in some particular activity. We think they’ve discovered something that works so we better get on board and do it as well. It must be the right thing to do, right? But how do you know it’s the right thing for you?

Music Downloads for MP3 Players

Alright, so you got a brand new MP3 player and you are wondering what you need to do to get your MP3 player playing your favorite songs. This article has some quality information that will help you achieve just that.

Is This the Way of the Future for the Music Industry?

An interesting approach being pursued by a number of cutting edge bands bypasses record labels altogether and goes direct to fans as a source of upfront investment to enable the bands to write the way they want, without the pressure of a record contract and the potential compromises this entails.

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