Slow Rock Remix ? Scorpions, Bon Jovi, GNR , Aerosmith, U2 – What I Call Power Ballads

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I Am Giving You 5 Tricks On How To Make A Beat On The Computer

Have you ever wondered how to make a beat on the computer? As computers and related technology have improved and become more readily available over the past ten years, the world of beat making has been thriving.

Marketing in Music – Diversifying

Diversifying has become one of the most important factors with marketing in music online today. In order to become successful in today’s music industry, whether you are a local musician or indie band, you have to be able to manage your online presence wisely.

Musicians – Tips For Being Noticed

Musicians all over the world struggle to get their songs noticed by other people and the industry at large. It is a competitive marketplace, so bands must work hard to make sure that their tunes rise above other selections. This article is for the musicians out there that need some tips for getting their content noticed in the Information Age.

How to Be Prepared for a Studio Recording Session

The studio is not a place to hammer out your ideas so come to the table with a dish that is ready to be dressed seasoned and served. You should understand how to chart out your song before entering the recording studio and have charts to give to all the session players involved and notes to give the engineer for each tune. Example for what kind of notes to give to engineer would be as follows: I want the snare to sound sonically like the one on “billie Jean” from the Thriller Album.

A Brief History of the Audio Mastering Engineer

The vinyl medium has a number of very stringent technical limitations which require a very skilled engineer to ensure that the lathe that produces the lacquer is set up in a way that will not create technical problems. (i.e. record skips and head burn outs). In addition to these requirements the lathe engineer would sometimes be requested to try and make a cut that will reproduce loudly as to be competitive against other record labels tracks when broadcast on radio stations.

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