Slow Rock Remix ? Scorpions, Bon Jovi, GNR , Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana – What I Call Power Ballads

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Rap, Hip Hop, R ‘n B Artist’s: One Big Reason To Forget Record Labels And Go Independent

Being an independent rap, hip r&b nowadays is easier than ever now. You can make a livable income just by marketing your music and selling it online. But to fully see the power in this, you have open your eyes.

NU 107 Home of NU Rock Officially Signed Off

It’s a sad night yesterday for all avid listeners of DWNU107 popularly known as NU107 Home of NU Rock as it airs for the very last time. Crowd pay respect for the radio station that played all kinds or rock music, from alternative music and modern rock, to metal and Pinoy rock for the past 23 years. Music can be heard in Emerald Avenue, Ortigas as speakers set outside the radio station to accommodate the large crowd composed of Musicians and supporters.

The Key To Overcoming Stagnation: Take a Break

In a world where things seem to move at the speed of light, it is sometimes easy to get so caught up in getting where we are going, we forget about the value of the journey. This is no less true for the corporate recording label executive, the guy who empties his waste basket or the indie artist who is just trying to scrape together a few dollars to buy his next set of guitar strings.

Event Planning RFP’s

Yeah, writing an RFP (Request for Proposal) is a pain in the ass, no doubt. It forces you to put into writing everything you are expecting from a vendor. Yet, for a guy like me who tends to have unspoken expectations, it’s a great tool. Here are 3 things RFP’s do to make your job easier in event planning and management.

Dub Turbo – A Complete Online Recording Studio And The Best Beat Software!

When you are looking to make your unique rap music online and you don’t know where to begin it really is difficult to find a ready-made solution. Especially one that will do everything and have all the tools you need.

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