Slow Rock Remix ? Scorpions, Bon Jovi, GNR , Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin – What I Call Power Ballads

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Self Release Your Music

There used to be a time, not so long ago, when every newbie musician dreamed of securing a record deal and enjoying the debauched lifestyle that accompanied it. Those that were not business savvy quite often ended up broke, despite being best selling international artists. They also had no control over their image, their music and the release schedule for their albums.

The 3 Best Ways To Ensure a Better Vocal Recording

In contemporary, popular, and virtually any vocally based style of music, the vocal track is the key player in the success or failure of a songs production. Just because the song’s great, the singer is superb, and the engineers are excellent, doesn’t mean the vocal track will automatically add up to the expected sum of its combined parts. The vocal recording can go right-on accident, and it can go wrong despite having all the required pieces. Adequate preparation and mindful attention to the process can eliminate some typical pitfalls, here are 10 tips to produce better vocal recordings. (Part 1)

Adobe Audition – More Than Just an Audio Editor

Adobe Audition is what I use just for editing, but many folks use it as their all-in-one audio solution, using it for both mixing and editing. As ever, these decisions are highly personal and depend on how you like to work. My own recommendation nowadays is to start with a program called Reaper, by itself. With its own capabilities you may never need an external editor at all. If you need to add an editor, Adobe Audition is a great choice.

What Acoustic Guitar Mic Should I Use For Recording?

I see and hear this question quite a lot: what do you use for an acoustic guitar mic? That’s a great question, especially for people like me whose primary instrument is acoustic guitar. I suppose the first question to ask back is to find out if the question refers to playing live or to recording. Trying to make an acoustic guitar heard on stage, especially if playing with an entire rock band, AND having it still sound decent, is another article by itself. For this article, I’ll just be talking about what mics are best to use when recording an acoustic guitar.

Audacity – The Free Audio Recording Software

Audacity is a bit of a breakthrough in audio software for several reasons. The first of those reasons is that it is free. The second reason is also that it is free. Ok, seriously this time. The third reason is that this software is capable of doing some pretty sophisticated things, especially for the price, which I believe I mentioned once or twice.

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