Slow Rock Remix ? Scorpions, Bon Jovi, GNR , Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin – What I Call Power Ballads

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Sell Beats For Money

Did you know that you can actually sell beats for money? If you are a producer and you love to create your own beats, then I have good news for you. You can actually make some money in the music industry by just creating your own beats.

How to Sell Rap Beats

This article will teach you a few ways to sell your rap beats. Let’s say you just have learned how to create some cool beats by using software. You stay on your laptop all day coming up with these cool beats and now you need to sell them and get out into the music industry.

Selling Music Online As an Unsigned Artist

A few years ago it was very hard to sell music online, especially without the support of a label. Thankfully it is far easier now to circulate and promote music without the need of a label. There are many independent artists, singer/songwriters and bands selling their music online, but how do you choose the right way for you?

How To Find New Talent

In order to find new talent, you must know where to go and how to approach. The best places to discover new talent is online and at the mall. There are many people that post videos of themselves singing, dancing, and even acting online. You could find a huge amount of unique talent on websites.

Singing Agent/Talent Manager Shares A Great Tip For Getting You Music Heard

Firstly singing agents many times are not agents but talent managers. Their goal is to get your music discovered by those who can help take you to the top. For new artist out there trying to get discovered by record labels or more importantly fans is quite demanding. In this day and age we have all seen and experienced the evolution of the music business and “the music”. Moreover, we have seen various genres beginning to emerge including the number of ways music reaches the people.

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