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Guitar Making Can Be More Than Just A Fun Hobby

Your knowledge of guitar making can be more than just an interesting hobby. By enrolling in hands-on guitar craft classes, you can find yourself working for famous guitar manufactures or setting up your own guitar shop.

What In The World Is A Convolution Reverb Plug-In?

When a sound is produced in an enclosed space, a large number of echoes often results, and they can be heard after the initial sound stops. Eventually they are absorbed by the walls and the air and can no longer be heard. That persistence of sound after the original sound stops is known as reverberation, or reverb.

Discover the Best Analog Mixing Services Available

Professional analog online sound and music mixing can now be yours with just a click. With great innovations in technology, analog mixing services can now be sourced online.

Tattle Tales

It was in 1999 that we first heard of Superhead and the sexual favors that she performed for various rap acts. After an article by Vibe magazine was published, she became less an enigma, and more of a household name. People were eager to learn more about this Superhead. Exactly who was she?

MIDI 101: Understanding the MIDI PC Interface

Information on the advantages and functions of the MIDI PC interface. Learn what the files for MIDI are and what they can be used for.

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