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Singing Lessons: How To Take Criticism

One of the most important singing lessons a singer can learn is how to distinguish between criticism and judgement, listen to the former and ignore the latter. Taylor Swift has been both praised and insulted by industry pundit Bob Lefsetz who once called her the most important woman in music since Joni Mitchell, then turned on her spewing insults such as “Taylor Swift can’t sing.” How does an artist respond? How should a singer take criticism?

The Ins and Outs Of Songwriting In Nashville, Part 1: An Introduction

So you’ve taken the plunge and arrived in Nashville, TN, or as some people refer to it, “Nash Vegas”. You pull into town and head straight for music row, passing the amazing but strangely awkward statue on the roundabout. As you take your 3rd trip around the circle, you realize that you are home, and in that moment home becomes a foreign land, filled with unexpected things and unforeseen pressure.

10 Vital Steps To Get A Great Mix For Your Single (Song)

Tracking your band in the basement?  Producing a record on your laptop for that awesome singer/waitress around town?  Working on your own music with no outside help or opinion?  Don’t worry,  these days that’s the norm,  and although those aren’t at all perfect scenarios,  let’s do what we can to keep the music sounding awesome and people digging it.

Music Venues Located in Birmingham

This article looks at the best music venues in the Birmingham region. Featuring venues that host “big name” stars, to venues that host gigs by lesser-known artists.

Attending Trade Shows and Booking Conferences

Attending trade shows and booking conferences can put a huge dent in your wallet. If you have decided to explore the world of conferences as a means of boosting your career to a new level, the following will help make your experience more satisfying and save you unnecessary expenses.

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