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How Fast Can I Get a Record Deal?

How FAST you get your record deal, often depends on the STEPS you’ve taken – and the TYPE of deal you’re after. It’s useful to know the PROS, CONS, and what you’re in for. I signed my first major record deal as independent songwriter and producer in 2009 – a 4-year international producer’s license – only 7-DAYS after submitting my first demo. BUT – it took me years of preparation BEFORE that, to get that result – and I had e specific objective in mind. Here are some things to consider:

6 Tips: Getting Your Demo Past a Record Company’s Trash Bin

Are you an unsigned artist, the next undiscovered million-dollar voice in the making – still looking for your big break? Tired of gigging for pennies, to save for expensive recordings? People liking your songs – ready to open their wallets for a copy of your Grammy-produced CD – yet you can’t seem to find the contacts for that million-dollar record deal yet?

5 Secrets for Selling More Music Online

The music business is complicated and competitive enough for unsigned artists looking to get their big break. If you plan on making a decent or profitable living from selling your music online, these 5 industry secrets will bring you within closer range and give you a better chance at living your dreams – without chasing your tail, wasting your money, selling your soul, or signing your rights away.

What Do Record Companies Look For When Signing New Artists?

So you’re an unsigned artist, looking for your big break – with dreams of making a real living from your music, instead of just scraping by? The next 5 tips can save you years, a fortune and major disappointment.

Choosing a Microphone for Home Recording and a Home Studio

Choosing a microphone for home recording can be a daunting task. A lot of artists and home recording enthusiast ask me all the time “what type of microphone should I get for home recording?” While there is no definitive all around perfect mic for all recording applications, there are some smart choices one can make when choosing a microphone for recording instruments and vocals.

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