Slow Rock love song of The 70s, 80s, 90s ? Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2, Ledzeppelin

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Make Original Ringtones on the Web

Ringtones are, to many people, monitored by network companies that set their polyphonic soundtracks on the phone, which can be rather restrictive. However, due to the advances in technology, one can make a perfect blend of a symphonic melody on their own computers without having to install any program. This service furthermore has a contemporary presence to those who like catchy tunes from modern popular music. Ringtones can be obtained directly from the site offering the service by virtue of clicking on the music style one requires that traverses all genres. A more specific search would bring one closer to the latest singles that have been released in the popular music category that can give one an identity with the rest of the urbane music lovers.

Alternative Approaches to Vocal Health

Are you a singing artist and find yourself constantly fighting off this or that? Do you have a constant case of the sniffles or a scratchy throat? If you answer “yes”, to most of my healthy survey questions, then not only are you regularly exposed to germs, but you need to strengthen your immune system and your overall health so you can fight them off! No more fooling around for you ~ singers are athletes and your level of health has to be higher than the average Joe.

The Value Of Working Together

So Ty posted something interesting on his social media accounts the other day. Converse, the shoe company, is creating a new recording studio and they are going to allow recording artists to use the studio to record music at no charge.

The Singer’s Gig Bag

Want to know what to take with you to improve your performance and remedy any last minute challenges when you’re performing? Over the past 20+ years of coaching singers in New York City, I have developed my own Singer’s Gig Bag – and now it can be yours, too. Don’t leave home (for a singing performance) without it!

6 Pro Layout Steps So You Can Make Instrumentals on Your Computer

Information and steps on how to make instrumentals on your computer that sound like they came from a professional studio. Learn the 6 basic steps to the layout of a beat.

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