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The Beginners Guide to Building a Studio

This article has beginner information on the basic parts to a recording studio. This article outlines the functions of the multi-track recorder, microphone, studio monitor, console, and the mixing console.

Pioneer CDJ 2000 – A DJ’s Dream Come True

The new premium Pioneer CDJ 2000 is truly a dream come true for all professional DJs. It is time to bid goodbye to the old players and welcome this superlative multi format player for Pioneer which is the apt equipment for all modern and next generation DJs.

Knowledge for Planning Your Live Dubstep Events

You should already know the basics of what to charge or how to charge for the events. At times you’ll need to charge less at the door to make sure more people get to see you play. Right now we’ll dive into what you can do to make your tour more memorable.

Become a Mighty Dubstep DJ

Some people simply go on stage and begins to play their set, they finish and get off. Even though their music might be awesome, the dynamics of their show sucks. It’s okay sometimes to just listen to good Dubstep, but if you want to truly make heads turn, then pay attention and become a mighty Dubstep DJ.

Make Your Own Music: Get Started, Get Promoted

The article is about making music at home and all the benefits of a home studio. The main tools of music promotion are also described.

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