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Who Downloads Beats? Unveiling The Secret of Developing Your Own Style

Are you ready? Unveil the secret of who downloads beats and instrumentals, and how this knowledge that can help you in developing your own style.

Why Is Video Important In The Marketing Of Pop Music?

Do you have music but no video to accompany? Find out how we can help and why video is so important in the marketing of pop videos.

The Importance Of Good Music Production To Your Product

Why is good music production and a good producer so important to your music product? Find out here!

How to Decide on The Best Studio Headphones for Your Music Production

More and more home recording studio engineers are using studio headphones when recording and mixing. After reading this you will have a better idea of some key factors when deciding on the best studio headphones for your needs.

No Contract, No Problems: Simple Tips For An Unsigned Band

Alright, you’ve got some at least half-way decent folks together, who all own instruments, and you’ve written some mind-blowing material that’s going to change the industry. Congratulations, you are officially an unsigned band. The easy part is done. Now all you need is to get signed and it’s off to packing mid-sized venues and your first tour, right?

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