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So You Want To Start A Music Publishing Company!

If you check on some of the big earning entrepreneurs in the music industry today, you’ll find most, if not all, will have an interest in music publishing. Why? Simple – music publishing generates large royalty income.

Common Errors People Make During An Interview

The fear of speaking is one of the five most common and greatest fears people have been known to confess. Interestingly, a successful music business person will have to give interviews frequently. When an interview doesn’t go as well as planned it could be catastrophic for the artist’s career because the presenter might simply refuse to have the person back in the studio and also tell others to beware!

Prepare For Success – Prepare For Interviews

Be careful what you are pray for because you might just get it. Those who pray for success in any area of life can be shocked at the demands success brings. One aspect of success is the need to continually give talks, accessibility, and interviews. As a matter of fact, a relatively successful track will require that the band gives at least 10-50 radio and magazine interviews.

Three Deadly Album Recording Mistakes

Sometimes having money can be an Achilles heel, especially where poor financial management exists. In the same sense, being able to pay for the 12-14 tracks that constitutes an album can be a problem rather than a benefit. The problem is that when an artist is recording their first few albums they may not have all the experience necessary to determine the saleability of their recordings.

How To Keep Your Music Business Lean and Trim

One city newspaper headline read “HSBC (bank) too risky for Hong Kong” It then went on to discuss that the country would not allow this big bank to relocate its head quarters to their country. Well, to be honest I was shocked that a country would refuse business from a big bank! But as I went on to read, the article stated that big banks can also mean big trouble; because when a bank of that size is operating in a country that has a small GDP (gross domestic product) it can cause chaos in the system.

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