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3 Question to Ask Yourself Every Month

In order to achieve this you must continually strive for excellence and improvement by continually asking the right questions that will ensure progress. So here are the questions you could ask every month, either in your board meetings or to yourself personally: Am doing all I can to exploit the opportunities I have? Every business has opportunities.

Managing The Various Business Departments Within a Music Business

For many music makers, their focus is primarily on creating content or the various activities in the creation process. However reality soon dawns when the much need cash becomes elusive or hard to come by regularly.

Five New Ways Music Labels Can Capitalize On the Digital Revolution

The dynamics of the music and entertainment industry have been challenged immensely over the last decade. Internet radio, subscription music sharing service and social media are essentially edging out traditional radio and music record purchases but on the other hand, these digital platforms can also be used to promote shows and tours in a modern way. These new tools offer artists, producers and others new ways to increase profits.

1. How Do I Get My Band More Gigs? Part 1 of 2

Session Musician Q and A 1. How do I get my band more gigs? Part 1 of 2 – This is a question often asked by fledgling bands when starting out and thankfully it’s a lot easier than it may first appear.

Double Bass Pedals or Double Bass Drums?

Some people use two bass drums to give them a great drumming pattern, although the cost can be too much for some. In fact, do you really need two bass drums for this effect when you can get just the same effect with a double bass pedal? Let’s have a look at this and consider the advantages of each.

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