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How To Buy Instrumentals Online

When you set out to buy beats online there are many things to consider. Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of any song and if the website you are downloading beats from does not offer wav versions of your files, then you should consider finding a website that offers the “tracked out” version of the beat in at least 16 bit format or better. This will cost you anywhere from 100 dollars a song on up to 500 for an exclusive beat.

Buying Beats Online: The Future Of Urban Music Production

Over the past few years it has become an increasing trend for artists to buy beats online. This article will summarize the advantages of purchasing online music production.

Are Next Generation Indie Labels The Future?

As a musician, singer or songwriter, starting a career is difficult to say the least. There are so many hurdles and boundaries you must cross before you can turn your talent into a profession. Thankfully, there are indie record labels out there who specialize in helping the aspiring musical talents of today’s world.

Staying On Course

Just my take on how to make things a little easier on while heading for those big Goals of yours. A musicians travels.

Going On Tour As a Dubstep DJ

Any experienced Dubstep DJ will want to tour eventually. Having a string of performances and general touring knowledge under your belt, this article focuses on details on how to go about putting it all together. A tour isn’t something that just spontaneously occurs, there is a lot of planning involved and a lot of “pre-action” required to make it a success.

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