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Music Studio Management Software – Innovative and Reliable Scheduling Aids

If you fortunately own a private music studio, run and manage a school for music, or at least you wish to experience both or either, read on and discover the wonders of the most innovative and reliable music studio management software available in just a few clicks.

50 Years of Music Label Island Records – Could You Not Be Loved?

After Motown blew out its 50 candles earlier this year, it’s now time for another legendary record label to celebrate its semi centennial anniversary: Chris Blackwell’s Island Records. Although never reaching the same mythical status as Berry Gordy Jr’s soul label, the label-with-the-palm certainly isn’t inferior to it.

Hip Hop Music – Producing a Classic

Hip hop is a genre of music that has many enthusiasts today, for a hip hop song to hit it has to be simply incredible. Everyone can compose Hip Hop music today but to completely come up with a hit well produced it will prove a challenge. You can make your own hit in the comfort of your home if you study the stages involved. Hip hop artists like the late Tupac Shakur, Krazzie Bone, Dr Dre and Outkast are artists whose music has been successful thanks to the production skills incorporated.

Music Business – Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Get Into the Industry

Here are some important things you need to know when starting up a music industry online and all about the music business. 1. Opinion Leaders Rule Despite the fact that radio and press is important in conveying your story, there are other new opinion leaders who can convey your story in a more credible manner, you need to search out for these new opinion leaders if you can not become one of them.

Record Deal – Guidelines to Submitting Material to Record Labels Yourself

Many independent artists have come to the realization that attempting to get a record deal in the music business environment today may be a futile exercise. Most have decided to go it alone – with their own label, and releasing product independently rather then going through the process of trying to “get signed”. But some still hold firm to the idea that having a record label behind them that facilitates music promotion, music marketing, and tour support whereby they basically foot the bills is an attractive attribute to getting signed to a label and landing a good recording contract. I do not totally disagree with this thinking at all. However…

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