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5 Successful Ways Of Getting Your Music Heard!

I got this tweet the other day talking to an artist on twitter. Mind you I’m networking with someone who might buy beats from me and who I can continue to make music with. All the sudden this gets sent to both of us – completely driving a wedge between our conversation.

RnB Beat Production

RnB is a very popular music genre. Because of this popularity there are many musicians producing RnB beats trying to make a living out of it. A beat or instrumental is a song without the lyrics. Singers and rappers need these beats to show their skills to the world. An RnB beat that really does something to people must have a beautiful chord progression and a few modulations.

Today’s Paradigm and the Working Musician

Basically we all live in a paradigm that started with dialogue. When you were a baby and learned your first words the paradigm began. You know how your internal dialogue is constantly going during your waking hours? Well that is because this reality is based on those words. So how does this paradigm affect the musician?

Basics on How to Become a Singer

Did any members of the group the Military Wives ever think they would become famous? They had the U.K. Christmas number one single, appeared on television and radio, and are now about to release their first album, which is also headed for the top slot in the album charts.

How To Buy Beats And Make A Profit

A lot of artists on the internet are very skeptical when they have to buy beats from a producer online. Many questions and scenarios are racing through their heads at a thousand miles per hour. Today I’m going to explain how you can get the fear of having a backfire on your creative efforts to see a return on your investments. Soon you will see that there is nothing to worry about as long as you make great music that listeners can enjoy again and again to ultimately become loyal fans.

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