Slow Rock Ballads Of 80’s, 90’s – Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, U2 – Slow rock love song nonstop

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How To Buy Beats Online

A lot of individuals consider buying hip hop beats over the internet and although some are skeptical about doing so, millions do buy beats online because it is relatively safe. If you are an aspiring rapper or singer, you are most likely searching for instrumentals and beats. Here are 5 tips you should follow if you decide to buy hip hop beats online.

Why Join the Musicians Union?

Discover why as a professional musicians you should join the musicians union. What are the benefits?

How to Promote Your Band

Discover music promotion methods. Which work and which don’t?

Should You Use Compression In Audio Recording?

A very common question I see is “should I use compression in audio recording?” The best answer to this question is, as is so often the case, “Do you need compression in your recordings?” And in order to answer that question, you should have a basic understanding of compression. This article will give you that.

7 Benefits For Musicians, Performing Artists or Entertainers To Have Their Own App

If you are a musician or a recording artist or entertainer who has your own music or recordings in the apple iTunes store or available on-line then you should be thinking about having your own app or “application” as a useful tool to help promote your music. So what is an app you ask? It is simply a software programme that is designed to specifically operate on a particular device (e.g. smartphone, iPhone, template computer, iPod, iPad, etc). Each app is usually represented by an icon on the devices menu screen.

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