Slow Rock Ballads Compilation – Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana , Aerosmith, GNR

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DIY Mastering – Mastering Plugins – Obstacles For An Inexperienced Producer

With the advent of the digital age we all have access to digital tools and it is plain to see that so many people have computers at home. This can nearly be extended to music making software as almost every computer shipped has some music making or recording software as standard. Making music is incredibly rewarding and recording and mixing your music tracks at home can be very exciting and be the start of big things for a budding electronic musician.

The Analogue Sound And Its Scope In Online Mastering

Analogue audio equipment has a big following amongst audiophiles and music lovers around the world. You will find music listeners and audio professionals alike waxing lyrical about the benefits and audibly better sound produced by analogue equipment. This short article explains why analogue equipment is used by the better online mastering studios and why the sonic tones it can produce are still of great benefit to sweetening musical compositions.

Top Tips on How to Make My Own Beats at Home

You need not be a gifted musician or a rapper just to start composing your own music. Actually, you don’t need to be very experienced in composing your own music, but you do need to be interested in the art of composing your own music. If you would like to know – ‘how do I make my own beats?’ I would suggest making beats using a freestyle method.

Stop Playing Your Songs To Your Grandmother

One of the challenges that artists and bands face (not to mention song writers) is how they will get their songs placed. With millions of songs available on the internet and with much less methods of monetizing them, song writing can be a frustrating experience.

Seven Tips For Getting In Contact With Influential People In The Music Industry

Useful contacts are the pathway to success for anyone in business but more importantly in the Music Business! Without contacts it is possible that success will be slow and difficult with relatively small achievements.

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