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How To Hang Out With Celebrities

Learn a strategy to instantly elevate your status and put you backstage with the band or in the hospitality suite with the celebrities. If you want to meet the band, or a celebrity don’t be a fan, use this simple strategy.

How to Use Double Bass Pedals For Best Results

Many drummers prefer double bass pedals because they are less expensive than purchasing a second bass drum. They also take up less room, because having two bass drums takes a lot of space, and you have less carrying around to do when traveling. So they certainly have advantages, although also some disadvantages that you can help to overcome by using them correctly.

Drumming Tips for Beginners: Why Use Double Bass Pedals?

Why use double bass pedals: what advantages do you get by using them? This is one of the most useful drumming tips for beginners, because it enables you to make the best use of your bass drum in producing fast beats and rhythms.

Double Bass Pedals: Is The Set-Up Critical?

Most drummers prefer to use a double pedal for use with one bass drum, unless they are professional recording musicians in which case they would generally prefer to use two bass drums each with a single pedal. That is because recording artists feel they have more control, and also because a recording is more likely to show the slight lag generally associated with double pedals.

How To Become A Singer And Enjoy It

The entertainment industry has grown very fast in the last few years due to the changing lifestyles of the people. Technology has made it easy for people to entertain themselves on very many forums, thus offering many opportunities for entertainers across the globe. If you like to sing or you asking yourself, “How do I become a singer?”

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