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How to Start a Band and Get Rocking

Read this article if you have ever dreamed of playing in a band. It will take you through some very simple steps on how to get yourself from your bedroom, all the way to a stage.

How To Become a RockStar in The Music Industry And Become Financially Free

How To Guide on Making It Rich in the Lucrative Music Industry The music industry is a challenging and very rewarding business and aiming to become part of it, takes a few secrets that most beginners wish they knew. Learn that it is not just about your talent; it is also about the ‘how’. Knowing the right secrets will give you an unsurmountable edge over your competition.

Black Leather Jackets – A Punk Rock Beginning Part 1: The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols were a raw, new genre of music that had hit the British nation in the mid 1970’s. The primary message was self expression, no matter who you happened to make angry. Regardless of how companies wanted the Pistols to act, they seemed to be like a wild animal, unable to tame and very unpredictable. Here is a short bio of how they started up.

Are Large, Expensive Recording and Mastering Studios Worth It?

Are large, expensive, multi-room recording and mastering studios really worth all the money you have to dish out? What is the best type of facility for YOU to record in? Read the article to find out more!

Mastering Studios – The Gear Vs The Producer?

One of the misconceptions many people, not just artists, have is that the better the gear or hardware used when recording, mixing and mastering, the better the music recording will turn out. And although this can be very true, it is only half of the equation. What’s the other half? This article is about what’s more important in the recording studio – the gear or the producer?

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