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The History of Rap Beats

An article about the history of rap beats. Starting back into the early seventies up until right now in 2011. I talk about the greats, the innovators of a genre of music that has become a global phenomenon.

Hip Hop Instrumentals and Rap Beats: Don’t Get Free Beats!

What if you were holding a fashion show and some guy walks in dressed exactly the same as the guy before him? You think his “swag” or the way he walks and talks will make him stand out more and land him a #1 spot? The answer is NO!!

The Impact of Hip-Hop Beats

This is an article about how rap beats tend to effect peoples states of mind. Why do people gravitate towards the sounds of these minimal bodies of music? Rap music has turned into an international phenomenon. This is a discussion of why.

How To Get Your Rap or R and B Beats and Music Heard – Music Marketing 101!

Marketing of your music product (mixed and mastered vocals on R&B beats or rap instrumentals) is probably the most important part of the music business. In this rap beats and instrumentals support article I’ll give you an intro in the massive world of music marketing. This article is part of a series on how to become a successful rapper or singer.

Top Five Hip Hop Producers

This is an article about some of the top producers and artists who have dominated the music industry throughout the last ten years. These are some of the best of the best, the innovators of the genre of hip-hop.

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