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How to Make Rap Music – The Easiest Proven Ways

Your dream of becoming the next big thing in the history of rap music is just around the corner. Fortunately, there are proven ways to help you get up to your feet and create your own rap music that everybody will absolutely love! The easiest proven ways are here to help you get started.

Step-By-Step Ways To Help You Create Rap Music

With rap music soaring high in its surge of popularity, you may dream at one time that you want to be the next LL Cool J or Flo Rida. But would it not be better if you see your feet dipping in the actual world of creating rap music? You better be the first original you that the rap music fans will adore, than being settled as the second best, next only to your favorite artists.

Is The Search For Perfection In The Recording Studio Killing Music?

My philosophy in the recording studio and with music production is somewhat different to other peoples. For instance I believe the performance is more important than the sound quality. Hell I’d rather you be out of tune and make me feel something than stick you through auto tune.

Welcome to Tokio Hotel

One of the biggest acts from Germany, Tokio Hotel is a pop-rock quartet formed in 2001 by members Bill Kaulitz (vocals), Tom Kaulitz (guitars), Gustav SchΓ€fer (drums) and Georg Listing (bass). The name of the band was taken from the German spelling of Japan’s capital city Tokyo, because of interest in the city, and the word Hotel because they often checked-in there while on tour. Before naming themselves Tokio Hotel, they were known as Devilish and made an unreleased demo CD under Sony BMG Germany.

Cheap Flyer Design

Recently I was asked to come up with designs for flyers, posters and websites for a music venue in Sydney. It was to promote a hip hop club night. The company had used several design firms in the past so were aware of how to deal with graphic design professionals.

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