Scorpions,Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2-Beautiful Rock Ballads 80s & 90s -The Best Rock Ballads Songs Ever

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Billboard Charts

I look at the Billboard charts regularly. I look to see what is capturing the interest, the ears of the public. Some weeks, everything seems very predictable. Other weeks, there are surprises.

How to Approach Booking Agents

Finding a Booking Agent to book your act requires preparation and research. Before picking up the phone to call around, this article gives you 3 steps to help make the process more productive.

Negotiation Techniques: 5 Types of Booking Deals, Part 2

Negotiating performance dates when booking a tour, will require familiarity with at least the 5 basic types of deals normally used by most venue representatives. In part 2 of the Negotiation Techniques series, I offer an overview of each of the 5 standard deals.

How To Become A Rapper

To become a Rapper would be a dream career bringing you fame, money and power. Many people think that this dream is unachievable or that it is only for the lucky few. This is not so.

Negotiation Techniques To Build Booking Know-How: Part 1

Booking performance tour dates requires savvy negotiation skills. Negotiation is a necessary part of any business, but here I will cover some of the techniques more specifically geared toward increasing your skills to book more gigs with higher fees.

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