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Getting Hands on Control of Your Modern Home Studio

Control surfaces are an incredible tool for the home recording studio. They can be used to create more streamlined workflows, increase the intuitive controls of your software based home studio, and improve user satisfaction with real “hands-on” control, without the high the disadvantages of a price tag and limited functionality associated with an analog or digital mixer. This article explains the concept of a control surface, and will provide you with a base of understanding by addressing some common questions and demystifying the functions and features.

The Year Music Changed Forever

For the first time in history, digital music purchases have surpassed that of physical cd sells. The revolution that everyone has envisioned for the last 10 years has finally arrived. The death of the music industry as reported over the last few years may have been premature.

How To Release Music and Start Your Own Record Label

I have noticed quite a lot of confusion of how to actually go about releasing your own music these days. I have also noticed a lot of confusion on how to start your own record label too. I have recently done both after many countless hours of hard work and tears. To me music is a passion and starting an independent record label was my main priority in life and something that I could not just let go of. It was something I had to peruse in order to feel that I’ve at least given it a shot in life.

Start Selling Digital Downloads

Unless you have been in a coma the last 10 years you know how much the world has changed when it comes to the way we view media. These changes have affected the way we listen to music, take photos, read news papers and magazines and watch movies.

The Effective Ways to Start Your Music Career

Many people who have ability to play music or to sing, want to pursue career in the music industry. The problem is, they simply do not know how or where to star. They consist of solo singers, bands, vocal groups, and so on.

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