Scorpions, U2, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Eagles – Now That What I Call Powers Ballads # 365

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Produce Great Music With the Convenience of an Adjustable Piano Bench

An adjustable piano bench is a seating bench utilized by a pianist that can be adjusted. The height adjustment differs with each kind of bench and ranges from 19 to 23 inches from the floor. The device which permits the piano bench to be adjusted is situated under its seating.

From the Streets to Keyboards – The Evolution of Music Promotion

During the Middle Ages, minstrels and jesters-those poets of ascerbic tongue and quick wit-live on the whim and beckon of the King or rich sponsors. They were really the first entertainers who started music promotion, their arts not only a means to assert their freedom but also served, especially if they were really good, to nail them to their masters for as long as they lived.

Indie Music Promotion – Get Signed Independently

We all know how indie artists are described as struggling artists. They create their own music, produce their own albums, write their own lyrics, promote themselves, and manage to get their voice heard. Unfortunately, this is simply the side of indie music that we see. What most of indie artists go through are much much more than that. The truth is, there are several indie artists in the country who are yet to be heard from.

Make it in the Music Industry in the Digital Age

It is no secret that the music industry is struggling to survive. The advent of digital piracy has severely dented the profits of major record labels, and as such they are less likely to invest in new music. With the elusive ‘record deal’ now seemingly even further away from the grasp of most musicians, just how can today’s artists make it in the modern music industry?

Promote Your Music

The music industry today is quite mature since it started out in the golden days. Today, people who cannot sing, but look the right way, may become artists. Today, there are artists who could not hold a candle to the great vocal greats of the past decades but have catchy songs and commercial albums. Today, artists put a premium on technically changing their voice through auto tune or some other engineering trick.

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