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How Indie Bands Fail At Social Media Marketing And Lose Potential Fans

In an Indie Band? Chances are, if you are, and a lot of people are (which has saturated the market to the brim), you are marketing your band to potential fans on Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation, Twitter, and a host of other websites.

What Can Independent Musicians Learn From Lady Gaga’s Controversial Marketing Techniques?

Indie bands – What can we learn from the marketing techniques employed by one of the world’s biggest pop stars, Lady Gaga? If at this point you’re saying “She’s a sellout” or “I hate pop music” you’ve quite possibly closed the doors available to you and sorely missed out.

Features To Check Out in Buying a Midi Keyboard

If you’re into making music using your computer then you know how important it is to have a good Midi keyboard at your disposal. There are a number of products to choose from and depending on your wallet you can get them new or used with varying quality and results.

How To Sell Music Online

You might have been one of the musicians or bands who upload your music on YouTube, and other social media sites wherein people can watch and listen to your creations. I bet that you would love to earn profits from all of your hard work. You might be thinking how an indie artist can make money and sell music online?

3 Keys to Music Publicity

The way to get a large audience to read about your band is through publicity. Find out what keys you need to be following in order to get your band more publicity and to boost your music career.

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