Scorpions, Nirvana , Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2 – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s

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Website Salesmanship – Reducing The Clutter And Focusing Your Visitors Attention

Landing page simplicity, accessibility and ease of navigation are crucial to maximize your customer’s experience, length of visit and conversion. Clean up the landing page of distractions, clutter and extraneous information that keeps your visitor from your goal and theirs.

Website Salesmanship – Is Your Website Selling You?

This series of tips will help you review your website to discover how well your website is selling you or your products. Begin by focusing on the home page or your landing page.

Become a Record Producer – the Critical Path to Become a Record Producer in Todays Music Market

Listen, the hype is huge about how to become a music producer. Schools are ramping up their marketing campaigns to sucker one more up-and-coming producer into their music production degree program.

Website Salesmanship – Writing Web Copy With The Reader In Mind

Home pages, blogs, social networking sites, sales pages, press releases and merchandise pages-are all written to communicate with current or prospective fans, bookers, media, clients, customers or business associates. But, is your copy or your message truly written with those readers in mind?

Pop Music Producer Roadblocks to Success

3 Things can kill your career as a producer. Learn ’em, fix ’em and prosper.

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