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Taking a Look at Microphone Techniques

To record acoustic instruments – that is, any instrument that doesn’t have and electronic output – you need to use a microphone. The sound that you ultimately get can vary considerably based on where you place the mic in relation to the instrument and the room that you record in. I spend quite a bit time – in fact – talking about microphones because they’re so important to the quality of your final recordings.

Partnering Mics With Preamps

One of the most important relationship in your home studio is the one between your microphones and the preamp – the nice bit of hardware that boosts the mic’s signal so that it can be recorded. The greatest microphone in the world run through a cheap preamp won’t sound good. By the same token, a cheap mic plugged into a great preamp sounds only as good as the bad mic.

How Time Has Changed the Music Industry

The internet has truly changed the music industry forever. While technologies like mobile apps for the iPhone and Android Market make it easier for businesses to interact with consumers, many musicians and record labels have struggled to adapt to changing trends. However, musicians, music fans, and record label executives should fear not; the development of new media formats has always temporarily stifled the music industry. On the balance, the internet enhances key objectives like promoting music, getting gigs, and delivering content and will eventually lead to a new age of incredible prosperity.

Keep Pushing! The Key To Success

So Ty posted something on his Facebook status yesterday that really hit home. It was a motivational quote that read “It’s okay to try and fail but it’s not okay to fail to try.” Important words there.

Talent or Shiny Floor Shows?

I am forever confused that the public confuses a show such as the X Factor as being a talent show. During the 70’s and 80’s Saturday night Television was full of variety shows. Where professionals took to the stage and performed to entertain the TV watching public.

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