Scorpions, Nirvana , Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith – Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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Topics That Inspire Questions for Vetting DJs

Tough economic times and improved technological proficiency have facilitated a number of phony individuals to impersonate certain professional identities with a great deal of success. Among those who have been affected by an upsurge of imposters include professional DJs. Even so, a simple vetting exercise is sufficient to separate creditable DJs from the rest who may be out to con unsuspecting clients. Any worthy DJ should have the capacity to answer a number of questions regarding his career and character

Beat Maker – Make Your Own Music

Use the right beat maker program to make your own music using your computer. Online beat maker programs do not offer the quality and versatility needed to be accepted by professional studios. Cater to real artists with high quality instrumentals created by authentic DJ and recording software.

How To Promote And Sell A Mixtape Online: Budgeting, Finance

For many recording artists, the dreams of having a successful mixtape will remain that, just a dream. Why? Because most artist, sadly, don’t understand how to promote a mixtape online and sell it.

4 Ways to Deal With Rude People in the Music Industry

Do you want to learn how to deal with a rude person that works in the music industry? Here you will find out some simple tips on working with rude people.

Steps to Becoming an Internet DJ

For most people, music is not just another form of entertainment but a part of who they are. The love, the passion and the commitment they have towards embracing music in a holistic approach causes them to figure out avenues through which they can improve music styles and reach out to as many people as possible. For that reason, many music lovers have turned into internet DJs because it’s a great way of sharing musical experience with people who care to listen. If you believe in what you do, you too can also become an internet DJ.

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