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The Internet Is NOT The Way To Build Your Music Business

1000’s of band/artists/labels are flocking to the Internet as a means of producing money by selling their recordings and merchandise. In reality they are not making a dime! What many people call a “YouTube” strategy, means putting your songs on the Internet for free and hoping to popularise your recording and/or by some miracle get signed.

Advantages Of Being a Music Producer

The music industry of today looks nothing like the music industry of twenty or even ten years ago. The level of competition, the intensity of struggle, the Herculean effort that is put in an endeavor to become a good music producer is unmatched.

Buying Hip Hop Beats (Part 1)

Independent rap artists have a wide variety of choices when it comes to selecting the instrumentals they will use for their songs. Working with an honest producer with quality music can help the independent artist.

2 Tips To Sell Beats Online

This article will reveal some of the best ways to sell beats online for new beat makers. You will need some services to pull off these techniques. Remember that you must invest money into your craft. Investing is a basic principle in business. Selling beats online is a business and not a hustle.

Selling Beats For Beginners

Selling beats online can be a full time job or a side job depending on your goals. There are many beat makers online who sell their beats as a hobby. There are also many beat makers online who sell their beats full time and it’s their job. To find out which direction is best for you, ask yourself the question. If you don’t get a feeling of excitement when you think about selling beats as your job then that’s your answer.

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