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Kenya’s Undisputed Dancehall King

Swabri Mohammed a.k.a Redsan is undoubtedly the unopposed king of the Kenyan dancehall scene and to an extent in East Africa. He entered the music scene after winning the Star Search competition at the Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi in 1998.

Beats! The Complete Beginners Guide To Becoming A Rapper Or Singer

Got Beats? Got Rhymes? This article is intended for up and coming unsigned music artists. Readers will gain insight into what it takes to successfully start an independent music career and become a professional rapper or singer in today’s music industry.

Hand-Held Audio Recorders – Perfect for Traveling Musicians

More people than ever are finding uses for portable digital audio recorders, as technology is making it possible to add more and more features while the cost continues to drop. I’ve personally been using the Zoom H4n for well over a year now, and I continue to find all kinds of new uses for it. Students, hobbyists, and professionals who work with sound and who require mobility can all benefit from such compact digital recorders. As a musician, a student, and a traveler, it fits in perfectly with my eccentric life style.

The Mbox Avid in a Post Digidesign World

The Mbox line of recording devices is well known by recording technicians (amateurs and professionals) as being an excellent range of devices for small recording set-ups. They offer flexibility, high quality sound and are priced attractively. Recently Digidesign (the company behind the Mbox) has been rebranded as Avid. With this rebranding comes the 3-series of Mboxes. Sleek looking and with a range of new features, how do they stack up to the original devices? Read on to find out.

Breaking Into the Music Industry – 5 Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out

The music industry is a place where many a star has been born. And yet these select artists did not easily make their way to the top; the music industry is enormous, the opportunities few, the competitors many, the goal seems out of reach and the path is paved with seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

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