Scorpions, Nirvana , Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith – Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s

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Setting Up A Personal Studio On A Budget

The Computer: This will be your work horse, so choose wisely. Modern computers are more than capable of recording music by simply adding an audio interface. Although with the improvements being made to USB based studio gear it has become possible to record high quality takes without needing to invest in an analog hardware interface.

Recording With Audio, Digital Audio, and MIDI in the Home Studio

For music production in a home or professional studio, one of the most essential distinctions you need to understand is the differences between audio, digital audio, and midi. The form, properties, and signal processing capabilities are all very unique. Gaining a firm grasp on the technical and practical differences are a foundational piece of producing music in any recording studio.

Performing Well Is the Ultimate Goal in Singing Talent Auditions

Singers are artists who are blessed with a great voice which they can utilize for creating some great songs which other cannot. In this world there are a number of singers, but not many had the taste of success.

A Few Words On Making Hit Music

Making great music depends on one thing. An artist that can compose and perform a piece of work with a certain degree of mastery. The true sign of any great artist is standing the test of time, after all fame loses its appeal after a certain point when nobody knows your famous anymore.

The History of Hip Hop Production

The hip hop community has changed the way most people see music these days. It has become a part of the fabric of music in almost every part of the world. From big cities to small towns all over the planet, hip hop and rap has many dedicated listeners, and because of this the style of the beats used has changed greatly due to cultural differences.

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