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Royalty Free Music and Residual Royalties

One of the most common misconceptions about royalty free music is the notion that once a piece is licensed, the composer is not entitled to any additional royalties. However, a composer will still be paid royalties from the annual licenses negotiated with venues and networks for the public performance of their work.

The Basic Tools for Marketing a Band

So, you’d like to know how to market a band? Your interest in reading this reveals a few things about you – two things that set you apart from most musicians:First, you understand that the music business is an actual business, and your art is a product that needs to be promoted to fans and record label executives; and second, you don’t ascribe to the misconception that you deserve headliner gigs and a big record deal just because you a great musical artist.

Beat Making Software – Understanding the Four Types of Beat Maker Programs

There are four types of beat making programs you’ll encounter online. Here’s a brief description of each and how they can help you create awesome sounding rap beats.

What Is Production Music Licensing?

Production music licensing is the process where production music is given license to utilize the songs in their music libraries for any form of media. Production music, also referred to as library music or stock music, pertains to the music that have been recorded, produced and owned by different music libraries. When they have undergone production music licensing, these music libraries can now allow their customers to use the music in any film, radio or television program.

Introduction To Mechanical Music Licensing

Only a few people are aware that a ‘mechanical license’ is very much related to music; furthermore, it is something that a lot of recording stars and songwriters are depending on. To be clearer about its importance, a mechanical music license is very much important for an artist most especially for someone who does not have full control of all the songs that he/she records. On the other hand, mechanical music licenses are very important for a songwriter because they play an important role in making money or generating income.

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