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Wedding DJ and Entertainment

A wedding seems incomplete without someone in charge of the music. Have you been to a wedding reception where there was no music? There are different instances when a DJ’s role is most important-for example, during dinner and when the couple is dancing.

Questions to Ask a DJ

The first thing to ask a DJ that you consider hiring is his experience. There are several types of DJs, and each one specializes in certain kinds of music genre for different events. For instance, there are disc jockeys that only go to disco parties and there are others who usually perform at formal gatherings.

Guide in Picking a DJ

A DJ’s role in events cannot be underestimated. Hiring a DJ is most appropriate when you are throwing a low-budget party and you cannot afford to get a live band to play. DJs may not be as fun to watch as live bands, but they can also put life to your party.

Link Building for Musicians Websites

Most band/musicians websites are rarely built the same way that most websites built to receive search engine traffic are. The fact is that most of the concepts of SEO are not understood by artists and musicians, including one of the most important factors getting free traffic over the long-haul, Link building. Learn how to build links to earn rankings and get more traffic in this article on link building for musicians.

Making a Good Impression During Music Video Casting Calls

Many people would like to get a chance to be in a music video audition, especially after watching a finished product. Videos have helped to change the way people perceive music. It is no longer just about the sound, it is also about the visuals.

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